Dedicated People

World Medicine Ophthalmics team consists of hundreds of dedicated individuals who serve customers and partners with the highest level of professionalism and integrity, with the strong belief that by working together we are making a positive contribution to the public health worldwide.

Our goal is to provide patients suffering from eye diseases such as glaucoma with the very best solutions. As a professional ophthalmology company, we see the challenges faced by eye disease patients as our challenges. Everything we do roots from listening to and understanding the everyday hurdles faced by patients.

We have learned that only half of patients suffering from glaucoma today receive satisfactory treatment. We want to change that.

We want to increase the awareness of effective treatment in order to bring improved quality of life to many more patients.

We want to reduce physical and social discomfort – studies have shown that majority of eye diseases like glaucoma, AMD, and cataract affects the quality of life of patients and their relatives in many negative ways.

Moreover, we want to continue to expand our ophthalmic business considerably, because our broad portfolio of safe and efficacious drugs represents the best within the topical treatment of eye diseases.

World Medicine Ophthalmics has open eyes and listening ears in more than fifteen countries in the world. We have more than three hundred dedicated Sales&Marketing people, of whom approx. 250 enthusiastically work in the field selling our comprehensive range of products.