Sales & Marketing Compliance

Responsible promotional communication informs health care professionals, payers and patients about the benefits and risks of new treatments for diseases.

World Medicine Ophthalmics is committed to evolving our advertising and marketing practices to better meet the needs of patients, doctors and other stakeholders in the health care system.

Common Approach on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

In an effort to further solidify our commitment to base our interactions with health care professionals on the highest ethical standards, we listen to the concerns of our stakeholders and take necessary actions.

Or corporate policy for interactions with healthcare professionals incorporates common legal and ethical standards from many of World Medicine Ophthalmics’ major markets, and applies them to our operations in more than fifteen countries.

Ensuring Ethical Business Behavior Worldwide

Our policy is based on the principles of maintaining ethics and compassion, building greater transparency and partnering to facilitate access to eye care information and medicines. The following are established operating norms worldwide:

• All customer meetings and World Medicine Ophthalmics-hosted educational and promotional meetings must focus on education and avoid the appearance of being anything other than educational in purpose. To that end, such meetings cannot include World Medicine Ophthalmics-sponsored entertainment (e.g., sporting or leisure events) and must be held in appropriate venues.

• Clinical research sponsored by World Medicine Ophthalmics must conform to well-accepted international standards including Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines of the International Conference of Harmonization, and relevant national and local standards.

• Medical communications must be accurate and scientifically rigorous; World Medicine Ophthalmics colleagues are avoided from promoting off-label use of medicines.

• Marketing activities with health care professionals must convey full and substantiated information about the side effects and the safety profile of medicines.

• Sales representatives must ensure that no items of significant value are offered as an inducement to use, prescribe, purchase or recommend a product or to influence a clinical trial.

In all cases, World Medicine Ophthalmics operations around the world must comply with local laws and all applicable international laws.