Business Culture

Our company is sustained on supplying high quality products for groundbreaking therapies that have shaped modern ophthalmic medicine — which seeks a nourishing environment in which ideas and perspectives can flourish. World Medicine Ophthalmics’ diversity provides just such this opportunity.

It is an array of unique characteristics, perspectives, and life experiences which define us as individuals. Diversity encompasses our visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical appearance, plus other underlying characteristics including thinking styles, religious or national identity, and education. Inclusion is an environment where our people feel valued, involved, supported and respected.

Our diversity and inclusion aspiration at World Medicine Ophthalmics is straightforward: We will be an industry leader and one of the leading global corporations in Diversity and Inclusion.

World Medicine Ophthalmics is committed to sustaining and expanding a culture of Diversity and Inclusion in everything we do. Our culture is unique and our commitment to people is without peer. Our patients and customers enjoy the greatest rewards of our efforts by having access to products that improve their eye health and well-being. Our employees also benefit from our commitment by embracing an environment that is open, diverse and truly supportive.

By embracing diversity of thought and experience, our colleagues help drive innovation and build on our success. World Medicine Ophthalmics also identifies diverse candidates and business partners who mirror the changing demographics of our patients, customers, colleagues, business partners and communities in which we work and live.