We kindly ask the healthcare professionals and consumers/patients to inform us about any prescription- or administration-related adverse events, pertaining to the medicinal products of our company:


  • Development of adverse reactions;
  • Medical errors/;
  • Identification/usage of poor quality and adulterated medicinal products;
  • Usage of medicinal products for the indications, not studied and unauthorized ;
  • Acute and chronic poisonings
  • Death cases when taking medicinal products;
  • ;
  • Unfavorable interaction of medicinal products with chemical substances, food products and other medicinal products;
  • Cases of medicinal product inefficacy.
Medication error: Any unintentional mistake of a healthcare worker, patient or consumer in prescription, sale, dosage or administration/intake of a medicinal product.
Off-label usage: An intentional medicinal product use with a medical objective, not in conformance with the package leaflet.
Abuse of a medicinal product: Chronic or single abuse of a medicinal product, accompanied by adverse physiological or psychologic effects